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4 Random interesting Japanese culture in Tokyo

Interesting Japanese culture found in Tokyo 

The weather forecast says a typhoon is coming to Tokyo area this weekend.

Today is Saturday and it already started raining.

Before raining harder, I wanted to go out and make myself refreshed after studying everyday on weekdays.

So I went out.

I have lived in the same city for more than 10 years.

However, the city looked different compared to other countries when I was looking for interesting stuff to share.

Tokyo, you are surpring me!

If you are thinking of having a trip to Tokyo, this article is going to make you feel you want to come to Tokyo! I guess!    

Vending machine

Items in vending machine change all the seasons.

There are only cool drinks during summer while most of drinks are hot ones during winter.

Also, advertisement changes following after some events such as Christmas and Halloween.

Here is Halloween version of a vending machine.


Famous Japanese actress "Ayase Haruka" surrounded by pumpkin decorations is wearing a black hat. 

I tried to find some special Halloween drinks but there ain't those.

But still looking good and interesting.



I like buying new stationry items.

Especially love Japanese pens. (Not an apple pen nor pineapple pen)

While looking inside the store, found some interesting pencases.

Camera shape pencase



Gameboy shape pencase



I don't think these are sold in any other countries.

Rental space 

Recently I saw many signs like this.


This is called rental space.

With monthly payment, you can rent a space.

In that space you are allowed to put your clothes, books, games etc.

In a bigger space you can even read books.

I've never seen this kind of thing either in US or in Canada.

I think this shows us Japanese houses are pretty small.

Warning for parking a bicycle 

Since the distance between train stations is not so far, people who live in Japan often ride a bicycle for commuting, going for a shopping and so on.

However, the space that you can park bicycles is limited so many people just park their bicycles at random places.

If rules don't regulate this situation, a lot of bicycles bother your way in the end so the city moves bicycles to certain places regularly.

Rules or penalties are slightly different in each ward.


(The sign of warning)

Normally old men wearing this kind of jacket are checking areas in the town. 


Visit Tokyo!

I found these 4 interesting stuff while walking in a town for only an hour.

If you are walking in Tokyo all day, you must be surprised and be able to have a good day.

I will keep posting these kind of information in this blog.

I hope this blog helps you knowing more about Tokyo.


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