Your Tokyo

Sharing a lifestyle as a student in Tokyo

Introduction for English viewers

My penname


My name is Maru. This is my penname.

In Janapese, people who can speak several languages are called "Maruchilingal", which is obviously Multilingual in English.

I speak Japanese, Korean and English so I call myself Maru which stands for Maruchilingual(=Multilingual)^^ 

Writing in English

I have been writing blogs in Japanese so far.

However, I've wanted to share the contents in English some time because I felt less students in Japan shared something in English.

In this blog, I will share a lifestyle as a student in Tokyo.

Also, Tokyo Olympic Games will take place in 2020.

I hope more people know about Tokyo, Japan and come to our place.

Hopefully, I will make more friends all over the world! Yay!

That's why I decided to write a blog in English.

My information

I'm currently studying at graduated school of Keio university.

Keio university has a lot of campuses. 

I'm spending every time in Mita campus.


(This is the front side of Mita campus)

A lot of EX students are here so I wish I have more opportunities to talk with them.

If you are studying in Keio, please contact me!


I'm studying in Keio now but I had studied in Waseda university in the past.


(This is Waseda university. What you see in front is Okuma auditorium.)

In Japan, Waseda and Keio are kinda rival university so people are a bit surprised when I say I was in Waseda and am now in Keio LOL

Also, people often ask me which university is my favorite.

But I should say "Both." at this moment.

You might think I'm trying to be a good boy but this is my honest opinion!

Both Waseda and Keio have pros.

if you are thinking of studying abroad in Japan, especially in Waseda and Keio university, I will definitely help you! 


Since this is the first time to share contents to English viewers,

I have no clue of what kind of information English viewers want to see.

I'm writing what I would like to share but I also want to write what you want me to write.

So feel free to send me a message from "Contact Me" or "Line@".

Both links are at header and side bar.

I'm looking forward to communicating with you guys soon! 

Thank you.